The Medicine of the Soul

Jul 14, 2015 | Uncategorized


Today the majority of humanity is sick, not only on a physical level, sick on a soul level. When the physical body is sick we ask for a doctor and medicine. In the same way when we are sick on a soul level, we must look for guidance and medicine to heal.

This soul sickness arises when the mind is weak, confused, polluted, leading one to start asking “what’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with my life?”. From that questioning awareness starts, an awakening. These real questions arise from deep within. Only then one starts studying oneself, or starts thinking of yoga, meaning union. This union is the medicine of the soul. Nowadays all kinds of cleansing is occurring on the planet, so many diseases, wars, catastrophes. All this is purification as steps to global awakening. Know this is not a punishment. Human souls, as energies, are being cleansed. During and after this period of purification it is very important for the soul to be charged.

Start feeding your soul with all the qualities of the Supreme Soul, the I Am Presence. This is when sadhana (spiritual practice) is so important. Offer all impurities of the weak mind to the practice of sadhana, to your practice of awareness, choice, forgiveness, love. Through awareness you will clean your impure karma and start sowing new seeds, seeds of purity, pure karma, that are totally charged by divinity, spiritual thoughts, actions, and feelings. When one chooses not to feed impurities, not to feed fear anymore, one is getting ready to receive great wisdom, knowledge from the Supreme Soul.

Meditation is of great help to cleanse one’s personality or character. Meditate, move into that state of awareness or consciousness in which you consciously link with the Supreme Soul. Consciously transform yourself into a better person and you will naturally start remembering the soul. The more you remember the soul, the more pure you become, less “bad” action, non-divine or weak thoughts or weak or “evil” feelings. As you awake, you are aware and realize you have choice whether to continue to suffer or liberate yourself from pain.

Choose, decide, act. A new experience of life awaits you. Dive in your spiritual path, dive in your soul, the great soul within you, and allow the fire of purification to happen.

In the Victory of Love,

Your Ever,